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"These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full", John 15:11.
  • One of the major concerns shared by most of our readers is:  "Will I have enough money when I retire?"  Until recently, most people could accurately estimate how much they could reasonably expect to have accumulated at the point of their retirement.  With the uncertainty of today's economic climate, that is becoming all but impossible for a growing number of Americans.


    With the current economic policies now in effect in the United States, the value of your money is slowly being diminished.  The last couple of years have brought on rampant federal spending, numerous bailouts, and an explosive increase in the national debt.  Inflation, devaluation of the dollar, monotizing of our national debt, the absolute uncertainty of global economic conditions, and future actions of congress and the Federal Reserve leave even the best prognosticators bewildered.  How much will $100 in today's dollars be worth in comparative dollars 10 years from now?  Sure, it will still be a $100 dollar bill, but what will you be able to buy with it at that time…half a tank of gasoline, a small sack of groceries, or a family dinner at Taco Bell?


    Today I talked with a friend who's brother refinanced his home a little over one year ago.  During the intervening year, his home has lost some 60-65% of its value and its owner finds himself living on a street that is lined with vacant houses.  Why is his home worth 60-65% less than it was a year ago?  There is no simple answer, but it involves our stagnated economy, our jobless recovery, the devaluation of the dollar, the treacherous real estate market in his location, etc. etc. etc.


    This week revealed the fact that the Fed had secretly loaned trillions of dollars to foreign banks and institutions.  Secret Federal Reserve System data released on December 1 revealed that the Fed and its member banks bailed themselves out with more that $10 trillion in emergency funds, with trillions going to European and other foreign banks.  This previously undisclosed information was made available after Congress passed and the President signed Ron Paul's (R-Texas) bill calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve.


    The Fed was forced to hand over details about six emergency loan programs, trillions in "asset purchases," the bailout details of certain favored firms like AIG, and "currency swaps" with foreign central banks,  These facts have had a shocking effect upon financial analysts and lawmakers.  The $700 billion Wall Street bailout turned out to be mere pen money compared to the trillions and trillions of dollars in near zero interest loans the Fed lent to major banks and financial institutions.  After years of hidden practices and stonewalling by the Fed, Americans are finally learning the incredible details of the multi trillion dollar bailouts of Wall Street and corporate America.  2011 will see Congress taking an extensive look at all aspects of how the Federal Reserve functions.


    Our country is in trouble.  Millions are living under the constant threat of losing their jobs, their homes, their families, their retirement accounts, and many other cherished things.  There are no easy answers and there will be no quick-fixes.  Our country may be facing major downward economic adjustments and may even be flirting with possible bankruptcy, and loss of the lives we have grown so accustomed to enjoying.  


    Yet, there is good news...when man and women get desperate, they turn to God.  While it is obvious that many took their eyes off the Lord to discover what men could do for them, they have now realized what man can't do for them and are turning back to God.  What are we to do?  Draw near to the Lord and cultivate an intimate relationship with him.  


    Pray and seek God's wisdom, trust in the Lord, be thankful for your many blessings and give back to the Lord, look for opportunities to help other people, cut your spending, establish a cash emergency fund, work diligently to pay off your mortgage, pay off your credit cards, save all you can, invest in a widely diverse portfolio, and enjoy life in spite of all the troubling news that bombards you.  Things may get worse, but they will also get better; make the most of the life God has entrusted to you.  Your devalued money may just enrich your life.


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