"These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full", John 15:11.

This Site is about YOU, the LORD, and Successful Retirement!




christianretirement.com is a ministry!

It exists to provide valuable, accurate, and meaningful information for those who are interested in maximizing their retirement experience and potential.

In 2008-2009 the Retirement Landscape changed. Millions lost significant amounts of 401k and retirement accounts values.

In order to maximize your retirement potential take charge of your own retirement. Refuse to leave it to chance or to the whims of someone else.

The Bible offers valuable advice about stewardship. The biblical term for stewardship arises out of the concept of being a successful household manager. Many ancient families would have someone manage their household financial affairs. These household managers were stewards of the finances of the family. Today, many have employed financial managers to manage their investments and retirement accounts. Others choose to manage those on their own. Whichever approach you choose to take, you need to have an active role in managing your financial affairs when it comes to your retirement. Failure to do so could end with catastrophic results.

Explore this site and avail yourself of the resources found herein. The site is designed to offer you a place to come back to time and time again and discover new and challenging ideas. The site is dynamic. It will expand and grow over the coming years. Our goal is to serve you and the Lord and to become one of the major reference points for those seeking retirement resources and insight.

You are now able to share your successful and not so successful experiences on our blog, just send your story and we will publish it.  To protect your privacy, we will publish your story without identifying you.

This will be there as a resource to enable you to help other people by sharing your experiences.

Thanks for visiting christianretirement.com. May it be a blessing to you and yours!