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"These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full", John 15:11.
  • Question…If millions of Americans can survive on far less income than they are accustomed to receiving, can America survive with less?

    This week I stood in a client’s front yard discussing business. As we talked, he pointed out that the owners of the house directly across the street had just experienced a foreclosure.  Next, he pointed to the house two doors down and said that they had also been foreclosed upon. By the time we had finished our conversation, he had pointed out three additional houses whose mortgages had been foreclosed.  These five houses were built of brick, were less than ten years old, were located in an upscale neighborhood, had nice lawns, and enjoyed a spectacular view of a nearby mountain.    

    What did these people have in common?  

    ·    They have experienced devastating losses in 2010.
    ·    They have serious financial problems.  (Two of the owners had lost their jobs; one had mismanaged his money, and the other two had purchased homes that exceeded their ability to pay.)
    ·    They have moved out of their dream homes.
    ·    They have experienced devastation and have lessened senses of optimism.
    ·    They are living on less but surviving financially.

    Five friends of mine have experienced layoffs, business slowdowns, or cutbacks and are living on approximately 70%, 55%, and 25% of their 2009 incomes.  I know one business owner, who, in his struggle to keep his business afloat, has not received a single paycheck from his company in all of 2010.

    What do these personal friends of mine have in common?
    ·    They have experienced devastating losses in 2010.
    ·    They refuse to see themselves as victims of a devastating recession.  
    ·    They struggle to meet their financial obligations but are meeting them.  
    ·    They have made drastic cuts in discretionary spending within their personal budgets.  
    ·    They are living on less but surviving financially.

    Constitutionally, what is the role of Government in the lives of the ten families mentioned above?  The answer is short, simple, and to the point.  But first,  

    Should the United States Government…

    ·    Step in and bail out those who have lost their homes?
    ·    Offer the business owner a check to make up for his 2010 annual income of $0.00?
    ·    Supplement the incomes of those who are now living on far less than they did in 2009?
    ·    Offer free or greatly reduced housing to those who have experienced foreclosures?
    ·    Provide jobs for those who are unemployed?

    Constitutionally, what is the answer to the question “What is the role of Government in the ten situations mentioned above?” is very simple, and possibly very surprising to some.

    Constitutionally, the Government has no role to play in any of the situations outlined above.

    The constitution wasn’t intended nor written to protect the jobs, incomes, mortgages, money management, or spending practices of the American people.  

    The constitution was written to state that our inalienable individual and collective human rights were granted by God, and that our God-given rights should be preserved and protected.  They should be protected from any enemy, domestic or foreign, and that they should be protected from intrusion into our lives by the United States Government.

    Should there be a financial “Safety Net?”

    Morally, no one should be opposed to various governmental agencies and entities stepping in to assist people in times of need.  There are perhaps dozens of programs, ranging from food stamps and welfare to Social Security that exists to help people who need specific financial assistance.  This is good.  The problem comes when these programs are abused, mismanaged, fraud laden, and administered by people who are corrupt.  In addition to government programs and agencies, there are literally thousands of private and religious programs across America that help provide for people in need.  This is good.

    Question…If millions of Americans can survive on far less income than they are accustomed to receiving, can America survive with less?  Yes she can.  

    What would happen if Federal spending were cut by 10%?

    ·    America would cease to exist.
    ·    America’s economy would collapse.
    ·    America would experience bankruptcy.
    ·    America’s citizens would overthrow the government.
    ·    America’s dollar would fall precipitously.
    ·    America would become the laughingstock of the world.
    ·    America’s politicians would be blamed for being irresponsible.

    All of these assertions are false.  None of them would happen.  In fact, just the opposite of all of these assertions would be expected to happen.  

    Cutting Federal spending by 10% would be a major step forward toward gaining control of our wreckless out-of-control spending.  Today, many of the citizens of France are rioting in the streets because the French Government, that is in grave danger of running out of funds, is proposing raising the retirement age by two years.

    Will the same be happening in America in 2015 or 2020?  Rioting?  Who knows?  Raising the retirement age or cutting monthly benefits?  Most likely.

    Christians, put your trust in God.  Refues to place your trust in your government, Social Security, your 401(k)s, your IRAs, your real estate, your savings, or anything or anyone else.

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