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"These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full", John 15:11.
  • The citizens of Missouri repudiated "Obama Care" last week when they adopted Proposition C by a 71 percentage point majority stating that no rule or law can compel a person or business to participate in any health care system and prohibits laws that level penalties against people who do not buy health care insurance.

    Democrats said Missouri voters rejected the new law because they still don't know enough about it.  Republicans say it exemplifies an electorate irate at a "blatant power grab" by Democrats and appear ready to punish its supporters at the ballot box this November.

    Senator Harry Red, Senate Majority Leader said:  "Once you explain what's in this bill, the American people, of course, like it."  House Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell remarked that:  "Americans weren't kidding when they said that they opposed this health care bill, and they're not going away.  This is just the beginning."  It appears to this interested observer however, that Missouri voters know too much about the bill, understand it, and flatly reject it as a viable option for their state.

    Some political analysts say that the Missouri measure's decisive margin or victory was impressive despite the high Republican turnout, and a minimum of at least 40,000 Democratic voters, indicates a strong grass-roots distrust of the health care law.

    The Missouri Hospital association spent some $400,000 warning people that passage of the ballot measure could increase hospitals' costs for treating the uninsured.

    Arizona and Oklahoma have similar constitutional amendments on the November ballots to opt out of all or part of the new federal health care reform.  In addition, Colorado and Florida are moving toward including similar propositions in their fall elections as well.

    Predicting Republican victory for both the House and Senate in the Fall election, Michael Steel, National Chairman of the RNC said:  "The Missouri votes show how completely detached the Democratic agenda is from the American electorate.

    Health care reform took another hit August 2 when a federal judge refused to dismiss a legal challenge against the law by the state of Virginia.  Some 20 other states have also challenged the law's constitutionality and these challenges will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court.

    Healthcare is no more a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution than is the right to own a car, a cell phone, or a big screen TV.  These aren't rights, they are privileges.  Everyone realizes that healthcare is needed by everyone and Americans should work together to see that affordable health care is available to all.  Balance that thought with the fact that many Americans are tired of Government intrusion into increasingly more and more aspects of their lives and that most people feel that they are overtaxed already.

    Unfortunately, as Government legislates or creates regulations it often breaks more things than it fixes. Examples include a Social Security trust fund that is filled with IOUs and only memories of the Billions of Social Security dollars that were spent on other congressional projects.  Bailouts galore that haven't created the millions of promised jobs.  Medicare and Medicaid which have sustained major budget cuts to funnel funds to Nationalized healthcare.  Medicare and Medicaid fraud.  Freddie Mack's and Fannie Mae's contributions to the collapse of the housing market.

    Many Americans feel that the Government is broken and the very ones who contributed to its many problems are the ones who are attempting to fix it.  Are there any answers?  Yes, but they will not be well received because they will not be popular.  Christians need to pray for their leaders, vote, and get involved in the political process. Are we "our brother's keeper?"  No Christian should turn his back upon another person in need.  But what about personal responsibility?  How do we balance massive social needs with an economy that has tanked and a country that may be heading for a possible debt-driven bankruptcy?  Where does the incessant congressional spending stop and when does America return to her roots of a nation founded upon Christian principles?  

    We are in for an interesting fall.  


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