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"These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full", John 15:11.
  • If you need more money, you may be surprised to learn that there are many ways you can earn extra money starting immediately.

    Today’s economy has resulted in an increased degree of financial uncertainty for all but the wealthiest Americans.  Some are unemployed, have experienced layoffs, are nearing retirement, or are already retired and finding that the monies they were counting upon are not enough.

    There are things you can do to supplement your income…

    1.  Turn your hobby, skill, or craft into a money-making business.  It could be anything from singing to sewing, speaking to stamp collecting, or from art to playing your zither.  

    2.  Have a garage or estate sale.  Liberate your garage, basement, closets, or extra room (s) from the unnecessary stuff and valuable clutter you have in your life.  Not only will it bring in some much-needed cash, it is liberating as well.

    3.  Open an account with craigslist or ebay and offer to sell items you can do without.  Give the remainder to a local charity so that other people can get some use from them.

    4.  Consider renting out any extra space you may have on your land, your business, or possibly even your house.  (Be very careful here.)

    5.  Downsize your lifestyle.  Sell the larger big-ticket items in your life for smaller more efficient ones.

    6.  Shop for bargains in everything from food, clothing, trips, medicines, cars, houses, and just about everything else in your life.

    7.  Put your people-skills to work.  Babysit, offer elder care, tutor, teach piano, trumpet, clarinet, or dance lessons.

    8.  If you are a great chef or cook, market your delectables to friends, coworkers, or neighbors.

    9.  Get a temporary job, run errands for people, etc.

    10.  Put a valuable skill to work by offering to consult with large or small businesses, corporations, or individuals.

    11.  Shop around for higher interest rates for your savings.

    12.  Minimize your tax bill by taking advantage of every legitimate deduction possible.

    13.  Skilled in accounting and have a desire to help others?  Prepare people’s tax returns.

    14.  Evaluate your options concerning Social Security.  For every year you delay receiving distributions between ages 62-70, the amount you receive will increase by approximately 8% per year.

    15.  Be thrifty.  Always ask for senior discounts, and economize with your spending.

    16.  Love animals?  Practice your skills by working for a local veterinarian, animal clinic, or by pet sitting.

    17.  Offer to house-sit for people who are going on extended vacations or business trips.

    18.  This is a starter list, add ideas of your own.

    Finally, volunteer in your local church.  No pay expected or required…but greater rewards exist.

    Pray, meditate, and ask the Lord to guide you.  Then sit down with a pen and paper, write out your ideas, list the pros and cons of each, run your thoughts by a trusted friend, and get busy.

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