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"These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full", John 15:11.
  • Census scam artists are at work! The United States Census forms are being mailed this week. They are clearly marked as follows:

    U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Census Bureau.

    Beware of the following scams that have surfaced in various areas around the country.

    · Census emails ---- There are NO U.S. Census emails!

    · Person appearing at your door asking to enter your home --- U.S. Census workers are never allowed to ask to enter your home!

    · Someone asking for personal information such as Social Security or Banking numbers --- U.S. Census workers are forbidden to ask for or receive personal Social Security or Banking numbers!

    · Phone calls asking for the same personal information --- There are NO U.S. Census phone calls!

    · Person in a public place conducting a survey --- There are NO U.S. Census surveys! Be aware! The scam artists are out there with the intention of stealing personal information and your money.

    Beware! Never give anyone your personal information. Your personal information is private and belongs to you! Guard it with due diligence!


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